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You can talk to a child and adolescent psychiatrist within four hours. Simply find your county on the map. Then call the number in your region.


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Project TEACH offers training in several different formats for pediatric primary care providers (PCPs). These programs support your ability to assess, treat and manage mild-to-moderate mental health concerns in your practice.

Core TrainingsThe core trainings are led by our regional provider teams on-site at your practice or at a nearby location. Core trainings can be provided through a series of 2-3 hour sessions, one longer program, or an alternative format, depending on your needs. Our regional provider teams cover assessment and management of the important mental health issues that children and adolescents face.

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Project TEACH’s mission is to strengthen and support pediatric primary care providers (PCPs) and maternal health providers in their care of children and families who experience mild-to-moderate mental health concerns.
Visit the “quick guides” below to learn more about our specific initiatives.

Project TEACH provides ongoing support to PCPs and OBGYNs to better the mental health status of children and mothers.

Mental Health Resources to support Pregnant and Postpartum Women. Free consultations, videos, referrals and more.

Information for parents to share with their child’s health providers in order to receive the benefits of Project TEACH’s free resources.